This is where all the action takes place....Well most of it!


                                                                The Shack


The shack is made from two buildings. The stone original building built in 1910 was a wash-room and coal-house. The first door (on the left), was a toilet but is now my PCB etching and wash-room. To the right of this room is an add-on timber extension that is the PCB manufacturing area. This leads to the main shack and where the main door is attached is the newer building circa 1980 added to the original. This gives me about 12ft square room inside. The highest part of the roof inside the main shack is about 12 ft and the lower, about 7ft inside.

Between the shack and the garage is where the antenna mast is supported by a palm tree. The mast supports the centre of a doublet fed roughly quarter wavelength at 80 mtrs.

The shack as at Sept 2014 


                                          THE PCB ROOM


 The Shack Main Station



 Welcome to the KIT PCB Manufacturing Process......


 The artwork is generated by Dave GW4GTE ( the KIT designer 



 Printing the image onto FILM  

 Getting ready to expose to sensitised PCB laminate


 Cutting the laminate for exposure to UV light


PCBs cut to size after etching



 PCBs cut to individual board size



Drilling the boards before filing to exact size   



 Filing to the exact size

This has now been replaced with bench belt sander. 



The bench sander makes for lighter work than hand filing....



 Waiting  for the next stage....scrubbing very clean to produce Bright Copper.   


A 4-band SSB transceiver. Puts out 40W (on a good day) 


 The top of the transceiver...


And the bottom view...